Thursday 2 January 2014

Slimming World Spicy Chicken Burger

This recipe is from a Slimming World magazine; my boyfriend loves chicken burgers so I thought I would try to make my own so it would be as healthy as possible. This turned out really well and he was very impressed!

To serve 2, you need:
2 chicken breasts
1 tsp curry powder
half a carrot, grated
bread rolls to serve

Chop the chicken in a food processor until you have mince

Grate the carrot and mix in, along with the curry powder.

Shape into patties and grill or oven cook for about 15 mins

I cut into one to check it was cooked; the curry powder gives the burgers a pink colour so it's hard to tell from the outside when they are ready.

Serve in a bread roll, and enjoy!

I'd already written this post when I saw that Helen at Fuss Free Flavours and Michelle at Utterly Scrummy have come up with a great blog challenge- Extra Veg. The idea is to include an extra portion of veg in any recipe or meal - so these burgers with their hidden grated carrot are perfect (and you can't taste the carrot, I promise!).

I'm also sending this to the Family Foodies  blog challenge as this month it is Hidden Goodies,  looking for ways to sneak hidden veg into meals - which they say is for children but to be honest sometimes you need to do that for adults as well! I'm looking forward to getting some ideas from the roundup at the end of this month. The challenge is hosted by Bangers and Mash and Eat Your Veg.


  1. What a delicious recipe and a great way to make chicken breasts go further. Thanks so much for entering #extraveg :o)

  2. These burgers sound fantastic, and as I'm on a bit of a health kick after a very indulgent Christmas, I'm definitely bookmarking these to try very soon. Thanks for sharing with this month's Family Foodies challenge.

  3. oh wow, this looks and sounds delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe.



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