Friday 24 January 2014

Restaurant Review: Kensington Creperie

Restaurant name: Kensington Creperie
Location: South Kensington, London
Description: Cafe/restaurant offering both savoury and sweet-filled crepes and ice cream
Reason for visit: I am part of a choir that performs concerts three times a year in some pretty amazing venues, so for the first time in November I sang in the Royal Albert Hall! My parents, my boyfriend and his mum all came to see the concert and I needed to find somewhere we could have a quick dinner after my rehearsal finished at 6 before I needed to be back on stage at 7, so this seemed the best bet.
I ate: A ham and cheese crepe. I got there late and ordered without even looking at the menu as I knew they would have this flavour!

My companions are: Not entirely sure as the others had eaten before I arrived; my mum said she had eaten a chicken and mushroom crepe, which was very nice, and my boyfriend's mum had a salad.
The food was: good - mine was nothing fancy but my mum really liked hers.
The atmosphere/service was: good - the service was very quick and they were happy for me to join the rest of the table late and to add on my order even though they had already calculated the bill. It's a low-key place that is somewhere between a restaurant and a cafe, very close to South Kensington tube.
Price range/value for money: Pretty good - while a lot of the crepes are not made with expensive ingredients, it's definitely good value for money compared to other places around here. And it was a lot cheaper than eating at the Royal Albert Hall!

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  1. we both liked our chicken and mushroom pancake,and thought the café very nice.and prices reasonable,we would recommend it.


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