Monday 6 January 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 2

Inspired by the Extra Veg blog challenge I've decided to eat at least one extra portion of fruit or veg a day, on top of what I would already have, and I will do a roundup at the end of the week to show what I did (and hopefully give you a few ideas).


Breakfast yogurt

Lunch leftover broccoli and stilton soup with hidden courgette from the weekend (extra veg)
Dinner Salmon with vegetables; possibly salmon in champagne sauce if I have time (I will be home late after an exercise class) as I still have leftover champagne to use up from new year (even if it's flat I can still use it in cooking)

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch sandwich

Dinner stir fry (the other half is out at the cinema) - I'll add spinach as an extra veg

Breakfast porridge with fruit (extra fruit)

Lunch  sandwich

Dinner chicken kiev for him, fish in breadcrumbs for me, with bacon and cheddar mashed potatoes with hidden veg from Sneaky Chef book p213 (extra veg)

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch cous cous with roast chicken and red pepper (extra veg)

Dinner chicken fajitas with hidden veg cheese sauce from the Sneaky Chef book p176 (extra veg)

Breakfast porridge with fruit

Lunch sandwich

Dinner canneloni - meat for him, spinach, roasted garlic and ricotta for me (extra veg as I don't like spinach normally - but I do like it in pasta)

Breakfast yogurt with fruit (extra veg - possibly the only chance I will have all day!)
Lunch out- my boyfriend is going to a car show in Birmingham so I've decided to go shopping in Bicester Village :-)
Dinner Possibly from the chip shop as I expect we will both be back late

Breakfast toast

Lunch baked potato

Dinner Slimming World provencale chicken with potato gratin. The recipe is from the calendar that came with the December issue of Slimming World magazine. It includes courgette which I don't  like, but I am buying it for one of the other recipes this week so I will blend it and put it in the sauce as my extra portion of veg. Dessert - Heath bar pie as I didn't make this last week


  1. I am so delighted to have inspired you. #ExtraVEg all the way!

  2. Everything sounds great!!
    I'm especially liking the sound of all the extra veg!!

  3. Thanks for linking up to #mealplanningmonday, I'm also trying to eat more veg this year.


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