Monday 27 January 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 5

 I've got some time off this week to use up holiday before I change jobs, so the meal plan is a bit different to usual as I will be at home to cook. Though I am already finding plenty of ways to fill my time, such as going to visit a friend and her new baby, and - terrifyingly - taking driving lessons! In fact I think I might need to factor in a stiff drink after I've had the first lesson!

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch On a whim I booked a cookery lesson at L'Atelier des Chefs near my office before I change jobs, so for lunch today I cooked and ate chicken in a tarragon sauce.
Dinner home late after gym - chicken risotto using up leftover chicken

Breakfast cereal

Lunch out - visiting a friend and her baby
Dinner Out - eating at gastropub where we are doing the pub quiz

Breakfast cereal or porridge

Lunch warm baked goat's cheese salad with honey and melba toasts from this recipe

Dinner pulled pork and potato wedges

Breakfast cereal

Lunch coronation chicken jacket potato
Dinner chicken with goats' cheese gnocchi from this recipe followed by Heath Bar Pie (that I've put on the meal plan several times and still not made!)

Breakfast cereal or porridge

Lunch English muffin pizzas

Dinner Out for a friend's birthday

Breakfast cereal

Lunch baked potato with sweet chilli prawns for me, baked beans for him

Dinner Out visiting a friend who has just moved to a new flat

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Moroccan spiced turkey kebabs from Slimming World Little Book of Lunches p.15 with pitta breads

Dinner toad in the hole


  1. Ooooh, that sounds fab - love the look of those goats' cheese recipes!



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