Thursday 9 January 2014

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes, Slimming World style

Slimming World mini Oreo cheesecakes

For anyone watching their weight in January but still wanting to indulge in a dessert, these Oreo cheesecakes are relatively low fat and work out at 3.5 syns on Slimming World plans, which really isn't that much. They look really cute too!

I can't remember exactly where I got the recipe from and whether it was in one of the Slimming World recipe books or online (it's not on the Slimming World website). This is what I did:

To make six, you need:
300ml Quark (curd cheese which tastes more like fromage frais than cheese but is thicker; it's eaten a lot in Germany but also available in supermarkets here, and is fat free)
1/4 cup sweetener like Splenda
1 tsp vanilla flavouring
1 egg
6 Oreo cookies

Preheat oven to 150C. Whisk the quark and sweetener until smooth, then add the vanilla flavouring and the egg.

Carefully separate the two sides of the Oreo cookies. Retain the half with the cream filling, and place the other halves into a food processor or plastic sandwich bag and crush with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs. Stir into the quark mixture.

Place the other Oreo halves, filling side up, in the bottom of six muffin cases in a muffin tin.

Spoon the quark mixture on top, dividing evenly between the cake cases.

Bake for about 20 minutes until set.

Allow to cool and serve chilled.

Here you can see the underneath of one, with the Oreo cookie baked into the bottom:

And here's the view from the top. These are only bite-sized but much healthier than a large slice of full-fat cheesecake!

Louisa at Eat Your Veg along with Anneli at Delicieux, are the hosts of  the Four Seasons Food challenge and they are looking for virtuous recipes this month, and this low-fat and portion-controlled variation of cheesecake is just that.

Jane at the Hedgecombers is hosting Tea Time Treats this month on behalf of Karen at Lavender and Lovage and Kate from What Kate Baked. She is asking for any recipes using eggs; these cheesecakes only use one egg but nonetheless it is a key ingredient!


  1. did they taste as good as they look---yum yum!

  2. Great job Caroline, and thank you so much for sharing in my first ever Tea Time Treats challenge!
    Janie x

  3. Another fabulously low cal 'Virtuous' pud for #FourSeasonsFood And who doesn't love Oreos? This is very clever!

  4. They look fab, can't wait to try them. Are they the normal size Oreo or snack size?


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