Monday 13 January 2014

Meal Planning 2014 - Week 3

I managed to lose a pound last week but it's not going to be easy this week as I am having lunch out for days out of five!

Breakfast yogurt or cereal

Lunch out with work colleagues
Dinner   home late after an exercise class and the other half is out so I think I will have some pasta as it's quick

Breakfast yogurt or cereal

Lunch out with work colleagues (we have someone over from the head office hence the two lunches this week)
Dinner  out at theatre - seeing King Lear at the National so dinner somewhere quick beforehand

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch social committee meeting at work at which a sandwich lunch will be provided
Dinner  lemongrass chilli chicken from this recipe

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch sandwich

Dinner  salmon fishcakes with samphire from Slimming World magazine for me; fishfingers and chips for the other half

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch sandwich

Dinner  pizza to try out the pizza stone I got for Christmas

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch pasta bake

Dinner  might go out for dinner

Breakfast yogurt

Lunch homemade bread with either soup or cold cuts
Dinner homemade beefburgers and potato wedges (so managing to keep it low fat)

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