Saturday 18 May 2013

Restaurant review - Yo Sushi

Restaurant name: Yo Sushi
Location: Southbank, London
Description: Sushi bar chain where the dishes are carried round on a conveyor belt and you pick up the ones you want. There's also a menu of hot food you can order from.
Reason for visit: I had tickets to see a concert at the Southbank but my boyfriend was ill at the last minute and couldn't come. I couldn't find anyone else to take the spare ticket so decided to go by myself. I wanted to get dinner somewhere nearby and had never been to Yo Sushi before; I love sushi but my boyfriend won't eat it so I thought in his absence it was a great opportunity to try eating here.
I ate: I took one dish from the conveyor belt of salmon sushi, but realised that the dishes aren't labelled and rely on you recognising it. To be fair there are pictures on the menu but the conveyor belt moves too fast for that to really help. It probably wouldn't matter if I wasn't so fussy - but while it's easy to identify salmon nigiri, I saw several noodle dishes go past where I couldn't actually tell what was in them. I also fancied some hot food so decided to order from the menu. As well as the salmon nigiri (salmon on rice) I had chicken yakisoba (noodles in a spicy sauce with chicken); chicken katsu (chicken fried in Japanese breadcrumbs); crab onigiri katsu (balls of crab meat with chilli, coated in breadcrumbs) and for dessert chocolate mochi (soft Japanese rice cake balls filled with chocolate ganache).

The food was: Really tasty. The crab onigiri was particularly good and the chocolate mochi was interesting - the balls had a strange squidgy texture and I wasn't sure about rice and chocolate but they were delicious.
The atmosphere/service was: Good; I was sitting by myself at the conveyor belt which I think works quite well. There are some tables for groups but if you want to eat by yourself  you can sit at the conveyor belt without feeling like you stick out as a lone diner. There's a bell you press for service (eg to order the hot food); the waiter was also good about explaining how it all worked as I hadn't been here before - for instance that the dishes on the conveyor belt have different price points and are marked with a different colour sticker.
Price range/value for money: I always find with things like this (eg tapas) where you are ordering small dishes that I never know how much to order and probably spend more than I need to. The dishes range in price from about £2 (for miso soup) to around £5, so it's possible to have a relatively cheap meal or to push the boat out. I think I spent about £15 which wasn't bad at all and I was really happy with what I ate.
Would I recommend it: Yes, definitely - the food is good, the concept is fun and if you don't just grab dishes from the conveyor belt willy-nilly, it's not too expensive.

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