Sunday 5 May 2013

Restaurant Review - Barbecoa

Restaurant name: Barbecoa
Location: St Paul's, London
Description: Jamie Oliver restaurant that describes itself as "a cathedral to fire and food" and the UK's first barbecue steakhouse, giving one of the "most sensory and satisfying experiences in the City". It has its own butcher's shop downstairs.
Reason for visit: To celebrate me starting a new job - this was a while ago now!
We ate: Breadboard with homemade butter to start (£5); I had steak (I think it was the rump steak, £20, though it may have been the sirloin, £32) and my boyfriend had the Barbecoa burger (£16)
The food was: Excellent. The bread board (see picture above) had different types of bread that were delicious, as was the homemade butter. The steak and burger were very well cooked.
The atmosphere/service was: Excellent, this is a posh City restaurant that caters to a lot of business meals and so the standard has to be high. We were seated at a very small triangular table though which wasn't great - there was barely room for both our plates and drinks. There were other larger tables and we were sitting in what seemed more like a bar area, so it would be understandable to seat people here if they just wanted a drink or were walk-ins, but we had prebooked so I was a bit disappointed not to get a better table.
Price range/value for money: Expensive but worth it.
Would I recommend it? Yes, though it's probably too expensive to come here regularly.

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