Monday 26 September 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 39 - Sugar Free September

Sugar Free September was going pretty well - I'd lost almost 6 pounds - but then a friend who is a healthcare professional took a look at a food diary I'd done for her, and told me I wasn't eating enough. She said my body would only break down rather than store fat if it knew it was getting fuelled regularly - by skipping breakfast and going a long time between meals, my body would hang on to its fat reserves as it didn't know when the next meal was coming. I think she probably has a point so I trusted her when she told me to eat a healthy snack in the mornings and the afternoons, but she did warn that I would probably put on a little bit of weight first. So my 6 pound weight loss has diminished but hopefully will get back on track once my metabolism has been kick-started!

Having said that I did fall off the sugar-free wagon a couple of times - but on the whole I have eaten much healthier than I would normally!

Here's my meal plan for this week - the last week of September.

For lunches I'm going to have chicken salad as I often do, and also try making the pink quinoa from the new Leon salad book.
stir fry for me, chicken and bacon pancakes for him 
My husband is working from home and we have to rush out to our residents' association AGM not long after I'm due to get home, so the easiest thing by far is to ask him to put something in the oven for dinner. Since I don't often have that sort of food any more I'm going to treat myself to some scampi.
something quick as I need to make cakes for a bake sale at work: rest of stir fry for me, chicken goujons for him
I'll do the coconut fish curry from this recipe I was going to make last week but didn't, plus chicken curry for him. OR, potentially out at a friend's
I'm working from home today. I'll have cheesy broccoli bake with Quorn sausages and he can have toad in the hole.
Brunch: sausage sandwich or similar as I have to get a train around midday to get to my sister's baby shower
Dinner: at my parents
Lunch: at my parents' for my dad's birthday
Dinner: something quick back home

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