Monday 5 September 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 36 - Sugar Free September

Week two of Sugar Free September... how are you all doing? Is anyone else taking part in the challenge?

This week I have a plumber coming round so I'm working from home one day, and another day my husband and I are going to get a quick dinner before going to a rare late-night opening at the London Aquarium, which I'm looking forward to. But it means I will have to think carefully about where we go for dinner and what I can have!

Turkey meatballs with cauliflower mash

coconut chicken stir-fry based on this recipe over spiralized veg for me and rice for him
Note to self: marinade beef for tomorrow
working from home - plumber coming
Lunch - cauliflower cheese
dinner - beer-braised brisket with Branston and coleslaw, in a tortilla for him and without the tortilla for me
salmon and vegetables for me, gammon for him
Going to the London Aquarium in evening; I think our best option for a quick dinner beforehand will be Giraffe
Lunch: sausage and bacon mini quiches (adding in sweet potato puree from freezer)
Dinner: duck breast with lavender, beetroot and sweet potato, from this recipe (chicken for him)

Lunch: Off to a car show in Eastleigh where my husband is part of a group offering passenger rides in supercars for charity. It will be very hard to avoid bread and I don't want to take a salad as there may be nowhere I can properly sit and eat it, and a sandwich is much easier. So I'm going to make us a  New Orleans Muffuletta sandwich: which involves bread, olive salad, salami, ham, mortadella, provolone and Swiss cheese.
Dinner: Not sure what time we will be back so might do something from the freezer and not worry too much about avoiding carbs.
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