Monday 12 September 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 37 - Sugar Free September Meals

I lost 2 pounds in the first week of #SugarFreeSeptember which is a good start, but given how hard I've ben trying* and how much I had to lose, I'm actually a bit disappointed it isn't more! Still, onwards and upwards and I'm going to keep trying, though I won't be home to cook healthy meals a couple of times this week, which for me makes things much harder.

For lunches this week I'm going to have tonnata chicken salad from the new Leon salad book and a roasted cauliflower salad from the same book if I have time to cook the cauli this week.

* What I've posted on the blog this month is generally what I ate or made for other people to eat in August

Tex Mex chicken tacos from this recipe (without the taco shell for me)

Tuesday- working late, usually don't get home til about 9 or 10 when I'm doing this particular project once a month so will get something from Tesco I can eat on the way home

At a colleague's leaving drinks, so I will make sure I have something healthy to eat beforehand

meatballs (beef for him, turkey for me) with gluten-free spaghetti - I'm going to try introducing a bit of carbs but keep them gluten-free

burger and chips, with a Slimming World burger and a gluten-free bread roll for me (a bit of an end-of-the-week treat!)

Saturday lunch: for me as I'm doing sugar-free September (which includes gluten), homemade pizza with a cauliflower base (haven't tried this before and am a bit dubious!). He can have a proper (small) pizza
dinner: Tuscan chicken cacciatore

Sunday lunch: pub lunch? TBA
dinner: cheesy broccoli bake with Quorn sausages

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  1. It sounds really good. I really would love to cut out sugar but I think it would be so hard so I admire you!


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