Sunday 7 February 2016

Snapfish Personalised Photo Placemats for Valentine's Day

We weren’t going to do Valentine’s presents this year, as we have a wedding to pay for – which seems rather more important! But when I was asked by Snapfish, the photo prints and photo gifts website, to see if there was anything I liked on their site I jumped at the chance.
I did some crafting with Snapfish products last year and was really pleased; I noticed then that they had a huge range of ready made gifts which could be personalised with photos, which would be ideal for Valentine’s day. You could do a photo book or a canvas print for your Valentine, or a mug and key ring. I love the photo cushions as well – my sister got my mum one of these with a picture of her dog on it for Christmas and my mum said it was her favourite present!
As we are getting married in June I didn’t want to do a photo book or canvas print yet as we will hopefully have some amazing pictures from the professional photographer and there seemed no point using holiday snaps now. I didn’t think my fiancé would appreciate a picture of my cat on a cushion (even though I’d love it!) and we have far too many mugs in the cupboard already – so I wanted something we would actually be able to use and enjoy.
Snapfish offers photo personalised coasters and placemats which isn’t something I’ve seen on many photo sites and I thought it was a brilliant idea – something you might use every day or keep for special occasions, that can be a real talking point around the dinner table. Also, they do a set of 6 placemats for £24.99 which I think is quite good value, but also handy – the placemats I’ve already got came in a set of 4 and I often find I need one or two more. You can also buy individual placemats for £8.99 or a pair for £14.99 – just right for a Valentine’s gift.
I decided to get the full set of 6 and knew straight away I wanted to use photos of holidays my fiancé and I have taken together. It was hard to choose which pictures so I decided to narrow it down – he loves to visit the US, and we’ve been there three times in the five and a bit years we’ve been together. I thought he would really like the gift if I chose a set of 6 pictures from our favourite USA destinations – you can put the same picture on all the placemats if you like, or a different one on each, which is what I did.

The top photo in this pile was taken when we went to dinner at a restaurant on the banks of the Mississippi in Natchez.

The top two you can see here are Chicago by night, taken from the balcony of our hotel, and Monument Valley at sunrise.

 The placemats aren't huge but there is plenty of room for a dinner plate and they look really good quality - robust with a glossy finish. I'm looking forward to using them!
If you order from Snapfish before February 9 your order should reach you in time for Valentine's Day :-)

Thanks to Snapfish for the voucher towards the products I chose. All opinions are my own etc.

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