Friday 19 February 2016

Restaurant Review: Jamies Wine Bar, Bishopsgate, London

Jamies Wine Bar on Bishopsgate is nestled in between shops on a raised walkway, and while I’d walked along there many times I’d never thought to go in. It seemed a good place to meet a colleague for lunch as the menu looked good, but really I chose it for convenience – and also because staff at my company get a 20% discount there.
The lunch menu is extensive with dishes divided into small plates, large plates, burgers, platters, sandwiches and extras. There was also a daily special menu with one dish each day, which my friend had (shepherd’s pie). I ordered a “Jamie’s special”- a ciabatta with chicken fillet, bacon, melted cheese and mayo. The chicken was chunky and made the sandwich feel very substantial, but there was far too much mayo – it was almost all I could taste and I don’t remember seeing or tasting any cheese. It’s a shame as it would have been a very good sandwich otherwise.
The food isn’t cheap either – the sandwich was £8.95, and if I’d wanted fries with it that would have been an extra £3.25. It would have been fine if I had used my 20% staff discount, but I forgot!

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