Monday 15 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 8

Last week's meal plan was changed several times due to me working late and my fiancé being ill for a couple of days, then instead of having his mum round on Saturday we went out for dinner instead - everywhere was doing set menus on Valentine's day but with nothing my fiancé particularly liked to eat and at double the usual cost, so we decided to go out for dinner on the 13th and spend the 14th doing something romantic - finishing off our wedding invitations! And also at the cinema watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - just to show what an awesome fiancé I am!

So that means this week's meal plan has several meals that I was going to cook last week but didn't.

Was planning spaghetti bolognese but after a long day at work I won't be home til nearly 10pm and dinner was a sandwich on the train.

stuffed chicken with pesto and cream cheese

with my future mother in law - Pad Thai

chicken and tarragon casserole from Oxo book

burger and chips, salad for me

Lunch Bacon and Cheddar scrolls from Sainsbury's magazine
Dinner Mexican spiced lamb chops with charred butternut salsa from Sainsbury's magazine (using steak for him as he doesn't eat lamb)

Lunch Breakfast burrito with scrambled egg, bacon, hash brown
Dinner: Moroccan style chicken from Sainsbury's magazine

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