Thursday 11 February 2016

How to Paint Flowers on a Cake

My so-called intermediate level wedding cake decorating class continued with a session of painting on cakes – or rather on a cake board as we still haven’t used an actual cake (even a dummy). It’s really very straightforward but I thought I’d share a blog post on the topic in case anyone wants to know how to do it.
Get some of the paste colour on the end of a cocktail stick and hold the cocktail stick over the artist’s palette. Pour literally just a drop of alcohol or lemon juice onto the cocktail stick and use the paintbrush to brush the colour downwards into the liquid. This will make sure you don’t have too much liquid as you want the ‘paint’ to be as thick as possible. You need to use clear alcohol or lemon juice so the liquid dries – water would start to melt the fondant that you were painting on.
Apparently there is no particular technique to the painting – you paint just as if you were painting a picture. We were painting on a covered cake board; most people in the class were using the same board we’d practiced other techniques on, so only had a little space. I had covered a new cake board so I would have a blank ‘canvas’.
The tutor knew I was thinking about a lavender design on my wedding cake so brought in a picture of a bunch of lavender for us to copy, which was really nice of her. I started with green to paint the stems as you can see above. Then I painted the flowers, using short brush strokes up and down the stems.
After that I got bored waiting for other people to finish and added some bunting as our wedding is going to have a bit of a village fete vibe.
Finally as I still had some extra time I added our wedding date on the bottom. I really like the way this looks and might actually use it at the wedding as a prop!

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