Monday 8 February 2016

Meal Planning Monday: Week 7


I started following's 'feel fuller' diet plan which claims to increase the amount of protein versus carbs, and yet every day it seems to recommend I have porridge for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, which is very odd! So now on my personal trainer's advice I'm going to eat more protein - eggs for breakfast if I have time, and chicken breast and prawns or smoked salmon for lunch with salad.
Dinner- was going to make vegetable or Quorn curry but got home late so did pasta instead.
Dinner- stuffed chicken with pesto and cream cheese. Followed by pancakes for dessert as it's Shrove Tuesday
Lunch- leftover pasta from Monday
Dinner – sandwich, at cake decorating class
Dinner- balsamic pork steak
Dinner- burger and chips for him, with salad for me
Lunch- soup and fresh bread
Dinner- will invite my fiancé's mum around and do Pad Thai for us, pizza for him. Followed by sticky mango rice for pudding perhaps.
Valentine’s day
Lunch- bacon sandwich as that is definitely the way to his heart!
Dinner- not sure yet if we are going out (I suspect not at this late stage) or I will cook steak as that's his favourite.

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