Thursday 17 September 2015

Restaurant Review: The Real Greek, Spitalfields

My two closest friends from work have recently left – one is on maternity leave and the other has transferred to a different team in another building. He’s only a few minutes up the street but I’d been missing our daily chats so right after he started his new job we had lunch together so he could tell me all about it. There are loads of restaurants around Spitalfields which is near our offices, so I thought this was a good opportunity to try out one I hadn’t been to before.
I actually went to a branch of the Real Greek about ten years ago – it launched in 1999 – and the company has changed hands since then. It is now run by a Real Greek (as the website explains) and operates in what is called the ‘fast casual’ space – in between fast food and a more casual restaurant. They have a special lunch menu for instance where you can easily be in and out within less than an hour, which gives simple choices of the ‘Greek Trio’ or the ‘Skewer plate’, for £8.95 (not including drinks or tip). There’s also a pretty extensive menu which looked very appealing, but for the sake of convenience we both decided to go for the lunch special, and both chose the chicken skewer. It came with saffron rice, a small bowl of tzatziki, some warm pitta bread and some salad. I would have liked more dip to go with the pitta bread but it was quite enjoyable. Probably due to the company more than anything but I enjoyed the meal, and would eat here again.

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