Friday 4 September 2015

New Baby Card Neutral Colours

Two of my friends were due to have babies within a month of each other (though as it turned out, the first one was early and came in July rather than August!) and I really wanted to be able to send them hand made cards. I made a boy and a girl card, and then only had time to make one more – but didn’t know if either baby would be a boy or a girl. In case they both turned out to be the same gender I needed to make a neutral-coloured card. These are nice anyway because people don’t always want pink for a girl and blue for a boy!
The main picture on this card is another one of my ‘odds and ends’. It’s actually a piece cut from a wallpaper border – the kind you put along a plain wall in a child’s bedroom. You can get free samples of borders and while I wouldn’t advocate going around B&Q with a pair of scissors and your craft box, when we were shopping there once and buying curtains, curtain rails and so on, I took a sample of the border. I then found it about a year later and thought it would make a perfect new baby card.
The border had a bunny design; one image was framed in a square and this is what I used in the centre of the card. There was another rabbit next to it wch I cut out, and stuck on with an adhesive pad to raise it slightly, and overlapped it with the corner of the square image.
I used a square white card blank and covered it with a piece of backing paper from a Papermania pack; the curves and triangles made me think of grass so it went well with the rabbit image but I only realised afterwards that I have the paper upside down as it is bunting! Never mind…
I had a pack of coloured letters I bought from the Works which are a bit too informal for most of my cards but I thought it worked well here and I had the right letters left to make the word ‘baby’. I then added a rub-on transfer word saying ‘congratulations’ at the bottom.

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