Monday 7 September 2015

Beach Fun Birthday Card

I love outline stickers when it comes to sentiments but they can be hard to use when it comes to actual shapes and pictures. Do you stick them directly onto the card? Or some kind of cardboard backing? And they are often gold, which isn’t a colour I usually use on greetings cards – other than Christmas cards.
I once bought a plastic folder for keeping outline stickers in, that came with 20 sets of stickers already. So there are a few sheets I’ve never found all that much use for, including one of beach images. I think this would be quite useful in scrapbooking to make a holiday page but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a beach holiday!
Instead, I decided to use them on a birthday card for a friend who has her birthday in August. I wanted to use yellow card to go with the gold stickers but thought they would get a bit lost on a card that was completely yellow, so instead I chose a piece of backing paper with fine coloured dots, as it made me think a little bit of sand. I used that to cover a standard card blank, and mounted a rectangle of yellow card with lacy edges (I think this is a Tattered Lace die cut, which I bought from Ebay) onto that.
As well as some beach images like a sandcastle, deckchair, beach ball and shells, I added the words ‘summer fun’ and ‘sun’ as I thought that was related to birthdays as well as holidays. I also put a wave sticker along the bottom of the card but it doesn’t particularly stand out and I think it may have been better without.
To make it clear this was a birthday card I used a little banner die-cut from another pack saying ‘on your birthday’ at the top.

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