Monday 21 September 2015

Meal Planning Monday - Week 38/39

I've just got back from over 2 weeks on holiday in America - and am lauching into full-on wedding planning mode. My fiancé proposed just before we went away so now as well as shifting the weight I inevitably put on during our holiday I also want to lose weight before I start wedding dress shopping! And did you know that wedding dress boutiques advise you choose your dress 6-9 months in advance to allow enough time for alterations? If we are able to have a summer wedding next year that means I need to start dress shopping right away, but I'm not doing that until I've shifted at least the weight I put on on holiday!

It does mean that my meal planning is more important than ever and I will go back to planning breakfasts as well as lunches and dinners, as I used to do. I won't be specifically following Slimming World as I found various parts of the diet (e.g the 'syn free' foods) don't always work that well for me, but I will be using a lot of SW recipes and meal plans as well as the various other diet recipe books I've got. Which is not to say I won't have the occasional indulgent meal, or fall off the wagon sometimes, but I will do my best. I will still be baking but only to take cakes into work or if it's someone's birthday or other special occasion - and even if I do make a cake, that doesn't mean I'm going to eat all of it! I also have a bunch of things to post on the blog that I made over the summer so don't assume that I've already gone back on my word!

Saturday (I know I'm posting this on Monday but I needed to plan at the weekend as well and it wasn't worth doing a separate post!)
Breakfast: for me, boiled egg and 1 piece of dry toast; the Other Half slept late due to jet lag
Lunch: bacon sandwich for him, sardines on toast for me
Dinner: Harissa lamb stew from SW recipe with couscous for me; toad in the hole for him
Dessert: Angel delight for him as we have lots of milk (the cat sitter bought far more than we needed!); fresh fruit for me

Breakfast: boiled egg and toast
Lunch: Out looking at wedding venues
Dinner: gammon with chips for him and pineapple ring and veg for me

Breakfast: cereal and fat free yogurt
Lunch: salmon with butternut squash salad
Dinner: chicken with Schwartz Grill Mates marinade with potato wedges for him and veg for me

Breakfast: cereal and fat free yogurt
Lunch: tuna pasta salad
Dinner: flying to Edinburgh in the evening for a work thing. Will have to eat at the airport.

Breakfast - in hotel
Lunch - at conference
Dinner - at airport; flying back late

Breakfast - at a conference and need to get there early so will take a cereal bar with me
Lunch: probably food provided at conference but I will take something - tuna pasta salad
Dinner: have tickets for a Deliciously Ella event tonight but might not get there in time from the conference. If I do get there in time, I won't have had time to have dinner so will have to take something with me.

Normal day back at work, thank goodness!
Breakfast: cereal with fat free plain yogurt
Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: coconut prawn curry for me, chicken curry for him

Breakfast: boiled egg and toast
Lunch: out on a hen day/night
Dinner: out on a hen day/night

Sunday looking at wedding venues?

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