Friday 25 September 2015

New Baby Boy Card

This is a bright, fun card that has touches of blue for a boy, but to me the feeling it creates is one of joy of celebrating a birth. There is quite a lot going on in this card but I think the new parents will find there is quite a lot going on in their lives now!
I cut off the corners of a square card blank to give a curved effect and covered the card with a jazzy star-print backing paper. I did want some element of blue though and had a cloud-shaped blue card die cut which I stuck in the middle.
I had a pack of wooden card toppers for a new baby that I had used most of, but I still had the word ‘baby’, a safety pin and a baby bottle left, which were all the right colour for this card. From another pack of baby card toppers I had some pram die cuts, which were pink. I covered the body of the pram with blue paper, but thought there was nothing wrong with leaving the other parts pink!
I also wanted a couple of other elements that jumped out to create the feeling of joy and fun, so used two multi-layered flower stickers – again I was using up the odds and ends of another pack.
Finally – because there is a bit of a traditionalist in me – I took a piece of blue ‘baby boy’ ribbon and stuck it along the bottom of the card. I then took another length of ribbon and tied it in a bow, and glued that to the middle of the straight piece.

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