Thursday 2 July 2015

Restaurant Review: Honest Burger, Spitalfields, London

My birthday this year was on a weekday when I was at work, but it was a really busy time for my team. So I wanted to suggest we go out for lunch, but knew most people wouldn’t have much time. Luckily there was a branch of Honest Burgers across the street that I had been wanting to try; the limited number of choices on the menu means the food is served pretty quickly.
The menu is divided into three main sections which look like a flow chart; there’s chicken, beef or vegetables, plus sauces and side orders. It took a matter of seconds to decide that I wanted the Honest burger, but without the bacon, as I wanted the pickles and burger sauce that this one came with. The burgers are made using meat from the Ginger Pig and come with rosemary-salted chips which are delicious.

The burgers are those dirty, oozing ones that you can’t eat without getting in a mess- but importantly, the bun is robust enough to not fall apart. There’s even a takeaway option where you can call and pre-order for collection if you are really pushed for time. It’s a good quality burger, in a casual but nice restaurant, that made a great treat for a quick birthday lunch.

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