Thursday 16 July 2015

Chocolate Milk Ice Cream Lollies

I never seem to have enough freezer space to make ice cream, and while I do have some ice lolly moulds I have no idea where they've gone since I moved house. I was browsing on Ebay and found a cute little plastic mould for chocolate lollies in the shape of cows (my boyfriend's last name is Cowe so I have a bit of a thing for cows!).

I didn't want to make ice lollies as I don't particularly like them and these moulds weren't really big enough, and I remembered eating "mini milk" ice creams as a child; so I knew there must be recipes for milk-based lollies out there and had a look online. I adapted one I found on the Telegraph website as the quantities were far too great and it also said to add sugar which I thought was a bit odd.

The quantities of milk, cream and chocolate were:
500ml whole milk
250ml double cram
150g dark chocolate

I scaled it down and used two parts milk to one part cream and used about 3 tbsp. milk and 6 tbsp. cream, but I used a lot more chocolate with it - about 60g. I used milk chocolate which is sweeter than plain anyway so didn't add any extra sugar.

I put the milk and cream into a pan and brought them to a simmer, then stirred in the chocolate until it had melted. Allow to cool enough that you can pour into the moulds.

Place cake pop or lolly sticks into the mould - mine actually had gaps for them and though I had to trim the length of the sticks, they otherwise fit well. I poured in the chocolate and placed them in the freezer overnight to set.

I was a bit worried from the outset that the mould - which I paid £6 for including postage - was rigid rather than silicon and that it would be hard to get the ice creams out. Which proved to be the case - one lost its head, one broke into several pieces and one came out perfectly only minus the stick!

These tasted nice - very chocolatey but like ice cream - so I think the recipe is good, but the mould wasn't very easy to use. I might try making chocolates in the moulds but I don't think it will be much easier.

 I'm sending this to Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream hosted by Kavey Eats, as the theme this month is ice lollies. While these aren't made with water I think they still count!


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  1. Ice lollies can totally be milk or cream or yoghurt or water or lemonade based!!! 👍👍👍👍


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