Friday 3 July 2015

Dot Com Gift Shop: Christmas in July

For the third year running I went to the Dot Com Gift Shop Christmas event - in July! This time the Christmas decorations were fairly minimal and instead it was more about showcasing their new ranges which will be on the website shortly.

I love the Dot Com Gift Shop - they have some brilliant gifts for cooks and bakers, and loads of brilliant things for kids. They've even got a sale on at the moment with up to 90% off, and I've taken the chance to buy a few bits and pieces for pennies!

I love the colours and patterns of these plates and how neat they look arranged on shelves:

I could do with this sign in my house.... though it would need to say girlfriend, not wife.

A wide shot of all the goodies on display

These glass baubles are much larger than your average Christmas decoration and would look great all year round

Of course I made a beeline for the baking stuff.... these are little sets of bunting to put on top of a cake, in a range of child-friendly designs.

This new range of bird print stationery and tableware is really pretty.

I also found out this evening that the best selling item on the Dot Com Gift Shop is .... this bunny night-light. Even my boyfriend has one of these (and no, I didn't buy it for him!). I look forward to seeing these items on the website and also to seeing what ranges other retailers have in store - even though as far as I'm concerned it's far too early to think about Christmas!

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