Monday 13 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday - week 29

I’ve finished my cake decorating class – the first couple of sessions were great, then I had to miss a few due to holiday and work, then the final few were a bit disappointing in terms of what we covered, but that was always the risk joining a class aimed at all levels (everyone else was a beginner). Even so, I have signed up for another course next academic year starting in September – at least it was meant to start in September, they already called me to tell me that the tutor can no longer do the first few weeks so it’s now  a 5-week course starting in November! Let’s just hope they don’t cancel the course entirely like that particular college has for the last two courses I signed up on.
Anyway, what it means is that Monday nights are my own again – no more rushing out of work and eating a sandwich in the classroom for my dinner! I do enjoy the evening classes but it will be nice to have a bit more time at home. This week I’m not doing much at all but am having a big barbecue/baby shower (for a friend, not for me!) at the weekend. But I've just seen the weather forecast for this weekend and I think we might be eating indoors!
Lunch: sandwich as I will be on conference calls
Dinner: pizza as we're going to start having a games night - we have all these expensive Xbox games we never play so now that I've finished my cake decorating class, Monday night is games night!
Lunch: watermelon and prawn salad from this recipe
Dinner: BBQ: sausage and kofta kebabs for him, salmon for me based on this recipe followed by grilled fruit and marshmallows from this recipe
Lunch: sandwich or salad
Dinner: My boyfriend is going for dinner at his mum's so I will have some pasta and make extra for lunch tomorrow
Lunch: pasta
Dinner: chicken fajitas
Working from home – car being serviced
Lunch: salad
Dinner: salmon en croute for me and chicken pie for him
Lunch: bacon sandwich to win over my boyfriend as he will have a houseful of my friends this weekend
Dinner: barbecue with my friends
Lunch: with my friends who stayed over
Dinner: barbecue leftovers


  1. Sounds like a very yummy week. I planned a BBQ last week and the weather wasn't great so I'm leaving out of my plan this week in the hope that we can be spontaneous. Have a great week.

  2. Looks like you got some lovely meals planned. I also love the idea of games night. My other half is always trying to convince me to play the Xbox with him but I'm more of a playstation girl...

    Also, why not do an indoor BBQ?! Just use a griddle pan instead :)

  3. Sounds like a good week, I love the idea of having a games night. Fingers crossed you get to have your BBQ, have a great week x


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