Monday 6 July 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 28

We ended up barbecuing a lot last week so I changed the meal plan and didn't make several of the dishes I'd bought ingredients for, so I am putting them on the list for this week.

Lunch at desk – on a conference call.  Salad from Inspiralized book: apple, watercress, gorgonzola and pecan
Dinner - Last cake decorating class - will take a sandwich
Lunch – on a training course with lunch provided
Dinner – at a work event in the evening, will grab something to eat on way home
Lunch - sandwich or salad
Dinner - barbecue: honey and mustard chicken kebabs and prawn kebabs.
Lunch - out with a friend
Dinner - Deliciously Ella's butternut squash risotto with grilled chicken for me; gammon and mashed potatoes for him
Fri - working from home
Lunch - pasta?
Dinner - Out with friend in evening
Lunch – something quick as I have an appointment at 12 noon: huevos rancheros
Dinner - barbecue again if the weather is nice. Marinaded chicken portions of some kind - will decide on Saturday.
Lunch – at Birdworld for an owl handling experience that was part of my birthday present from my boyfriend
Dinner - something from the freezer with chips


  1. Ahh! BBQ's are fab at this time of year. We're planning to have one too x

  2. Fingers crossed for the weather on Saturday for you! I've just bought the Deliciously Ella book at Britmums the other week so we're trying one of her pasta dishes too. Looking forward to it! Enjoy x


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