Thursday 23 April 2015

Restaurant Review: Giraffe Kiosk, King's Cross

Opinions on the Giraffe restaurant chain seem to be divided – the fact that it is usually full of families with children seems to put a lot of people off – but I really like it. So one day when I was travelling to London’s King’s Cross station for a morning meeting, and arrived so early I decided I had time to get breakfast (having skipped it at home as I was in a rush to leave) I was pleased when I spied a Giraffe Kiosk.

This is the chain’s “grab and go” service, and so far they only have one, at King’s Cross. It is takeaway but importantly there are a few tables outside and some stools along the window inside, which means if you do have a little more time – or want to eat something that’s difficult to eat with one hand while walking along – this is perfect. At the same time it’s quicker than going into a café.
The kiosk offers continental breakfast favourites like croissants, plus porridge, muesli pots, breakfast burritos (as well as a lot of lunch choices like wraps, salads and sandwiches) – and my favourite breakfast, a sausage sandwich. This is what I ordered  and it was a little different to the usual, as it came with Panini-style bread that had been grilled and squashed flat with the sausages inside. In retrospect that is actually quite a good idea as it’s much easier to eat while walking – which I imagine most people do rather than sit at one of the tables.

It was a bit disappointing that the sandwich only had one and a half sausages inside (which had been cut in half) which I didn't think was particularly good value for money for £4.75. This isn't a bad place though and I will definitely be on the lookout to see if any more of these Kiosks open in other locations.

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