Monday 6 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - week 15

Easter Monday
lunch: probably a sandwich as we are decorating
dinner: roast chicken I didn't do yesterday

Tuesday: going to my boyfriend's mum's

Wednesday: spaghetti with chilli prawns from this recipe

Thursday: Oriental Chicken from Food Doctor book p.132

Friday: gammon for him, salmon in a creamy Quark sauce for me

Saturday lunch: baked beans/ mackerel in mustard sauce on toast
dinner: Maggi Italian herbs chicken with either potato wedges or mashed potato

Sunday lunch: McDonalds style sausage and egg McMuffins which I made before and were awesome - check out the recipe here. I've still got the rest of the muffins in the freezer to use up.
dinner: Chicken Machboos (we do eat a lot of chicken but it's one of the few things my boyfriend likes!)

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