Monday 20 April 2015

Meal Planning Monday 2015 - Week 17

I’ve decided to stop following Slimming World specifically as I have been struggling with their plan and instead ‘eat clean’ and follow my personal trainer’s diet advice. It seems to be working as I lost three pounds last week!
This week will be hard though as I have a lot of meals out, and I mean a lot – a combination of a work colleague visiting from another office, my birthday and a party for friends who are moving abroad. I just have to make sensible choices and not snack in between.
Lunch- jacket potato with prawns
Dinner- sandwich at cake decorating course
Lunch- sandwich – needs to be very quick as I only have 10 mins
Dinner – the Other Half is out so I will have a pork casserole I made ahead and froze
Lunch- probably out with colleagues as we are off site
Dinner: restaurant with a friend
Lunch – restaurant with work colleagues
Dinner- sausage and mash with Quorn or Slimming World sausages for me
Lunch- salad
Dinner- At a Mexican restaurant for my birthday (which is next week)
Brunch- at a friend’s to meet their new baby/ wish them farewell as they are moving abroad
Dinner- homemade burger and Slimming World chips
Lunch- bacon sandwich for him; mackerel in mustard sauce on toast for me
Dinner- roast chicken

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