Wednesday 29 April 2015

Cheesy Chips with Bacon and Onion

Ever since I went to the Diner in Spitalfields I've been daydreaming about their fries with crispy onion, bacon bits, cheese and burger sauce. I've never had anything like it - incredibly calorific but they tasted amazing. Often when you get cheesy chips in this country, they have had cheddar melted over them, and left to harden, so you end up with most of the chips plain, and a few with congealed cheese on them - not something I particularly like. At the Diner however the cheese stayed melted- it was more like a sauce. I was aware you could buy something called Cheez Whiz in America which is a sauce in a jar that you could use on chips if you wanted, but I didn't think you could get anything like that in the UK. Until I saw this Squeeze Cheese online - I think it was on Tesco's website but I can't find it there any more, though I think you have also been able to get it in Sainsbury's. You can heat the bottle in the microwave so you can squeeze it out, but it still comes out like toothpaste which is a bit strange so I then had to spread it a little - and to be honest I wasn't a big fan of the artificial taste.

I did the bacon and onion to go with it, in this new frying pan I was sent for review - the Green Earth frying pan by Ozeri. Aside from the fact that I love the colour this is a brilliant pan. It's 20cm which is a little smaller than my other frying pans but just right if you are cooking for one or two people and don't want to waste energy heating a bigger pan that is half empty.

It has a natural ceramic coating so is non-stick and a better conductor of heat than other pans but has no harmful chemicals. It works on my induction hob which is great.

It has an unusual textured surface which apparently makes the food less likely to stick and to cook evenly; it made a good job of my bacon and onions!

I cooked the chips in the oven and when they were ready squeezed over some of the cheese and spread it around a little, and chopped the bacon and onion and sprinkled it over the top. I realised afterwards it wasn't quite the same as I'd had in the Diner as I forgot the burger sauce! And as I said I don't think the cheese was as nice as whatever they used. This is definitely an occasional treat and not something you should have every time you had chips, but as we had this on a Saturday evening before the cinema - when my boyfriend would have preferred to go out to a burger restaurant - I didn't think it would do too much harm. Back on the salads tomorrow!

Thanks to Ozeri for sending me the frying pan to review. All opinions are my own.

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