Tuesday 8 July 2014

Ozeri Ceramic Knives - Review

 I have replaced my crockery over the years and traded up from what I had at university -essentially my mum's old dinner set - to a new set from Argos and then more recently, some lovely white dishes courtesy of my boyfriend's mum, who works in the trade. But I have never bought any new knives. My cutlery drawer is a real mish-mash; I've got the brown-handled serrated knife and the red-handled paring knife my mum gave me, and assorted knives of various sizes that I think came from the Burnbake charity shop. My one and only 'good' knife was a present from a friend who was working as a rep for a company called Pampered Chef.

So when I was offered a knife set to review from Ozeri, I jumped at the chance. The set of three knives is available from Amazon with an RRP of £59.99 (currently selling for £49.99). These are ceramic knives, which means they don't corrode or rust, and stay sharper for longer. They are also lightweight and very ergonomically designed so easy to use.

I was also impressed by the presentation; the knives come in a box that would make an attractive gift.

There is a lot of useful information on the back of the box as well.

I tried out these knives for all sorts of things, using the smaller one to chop an onion, which took seconds - the knife went through the onion almost like it was butter.

The larger knives were equally good; this one made short work of my chorizo.

I didn't realise how much of a difference having a really good knife set would make, so if like me you have been making do with old knives, I highly recommend investing in this set - three knives cover all the bases and they look really good as well.

Thanks to Ozeri for sending me the knives to review.

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  1. They look lethal and impressive! Great combination


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