Monday 21 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Week 30

I'm having a house guest this week, as my sister's boyfriend's step-sister is doing work experience in London (in fact, I've got her a placement somewhere I used to work) and lives too far away to commute every day, so is staying with me. I haven't seen her for years so it could be interesting, though she is a very nice girl. I don't think she is going to want to go out on the town every evening but at the same time I do want to show her around town a bit. I will have to play it by ear once I know what she wants to do but do want to do my usual menu plan so I am not totally unprepared! I also don't know what kind of food she likes, and I don't want to be cooking when she comes back every evening (forcing her to make small talk with my boyfriend who she has never met, while I am in the kitchen) so I will probably use the excuse just to do quick and easy dinners this week.

I did have to replan at the very last minute as I did an online shop from Asda on Sunday evening and had a whopping 20 substitutions, most of which I had to reject as they weren't remotely like the things that I had ordered, which was very disappointing. Friends keep telling me I should use Ocado so I might try them next time, though undoubtedly it will be more expensive.

sausage and mash; Quorn sausages for me

beef medallions in a peppercorn sauce

spaghetti bolognese

pulled pork burgers and chips for them,and a Weightwatcher ready meal for me if I'm feeling good.

probably out

Saturday lunch Fry-up with quorn sausages for me, proper sausages and bacon for him
dinner  out

Sunday lunch -  home alone, crumpet pizzas
dinner pork fillet with horseradish sauce

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  1. Beef medallions in peppercorn sauce sounds lovely! Hope you have a great week x #MealPlanningMonday


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