Monday 14 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday - Week 29

meatballs and mashed potato (as my other half isn't really a fan of spaghetti, I'm trying it this way for a change).

Tuesday - lemon sole for me, breaded chicken steak for him, with mash or chips

Wednesday - home alone - salmon fillet and veg and hollandaise sauce

Thursday Slimming World burger in a bowl (with Quorn mince) for me, pizza for him

Friday either chicken/prawn fajitas or burger and chips, depending on which of the two we didn't have last week

Saturday lunch: bacon sandwich for him, Quorn sausage sandwich for me
dinner: out with a friend

Sunday: lunch: out on a food photography course
dinner:I'm planning to go to Asda - to practice driving as much as anything as I have just got my first car - and so will pick up something that takes my fancy for dinner.

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