Friday 11 July 2014

Dot Com Gift Shop Christmas Preview and some blogging tips from an expert

 Did you know that retailers launch their Christmas ranges in the middle of summer? The Dot Com Gift Shop is no exception and they invited me once more to their Christmas event last week. It was a great chance to view their product range and ask questions, and mingle with other bloggers - and this year they had a guest speaker, Jenny Wood.

The Dot Com Gift Shop took over a small art gallery for the evening and arranged their wares as if in a shop; there was a Christmas corner but plenty of other products on display, some of which I will highlight below.

 I also thought I would share with you some of Jenny's top blogging tips. Jenny is a lifestyle and features journalist who has worked for a variety of magazines, now as a freelancer. She also has a great blog, Treasure Hunter UK, which features all sorts of items she loves for the home, fashion and gifts, and most importantly they are affordable.

Jenny giving her talk

Jenny's tips for good blogging include:
- Really think about the way you write your blog entries - treat each one as a separate magazine article. Make it newsy or topical, and think about why someone might want to read it - are you telling them something new, or giving them something genuinely interesting? While some people start blogs just for themselves, you do need to write for your reader if you are going to be successful.

Retro gift range

- And as with a magazine, think about how your blog posts link together. People often read one blog post then go on to read older ones underneath, so mix it up a bit - if you present readers with a long, serious post, make the next one shorter or amusing, and break up your page with lists, bullet points - anything to vary the pace. You could also feature regular slots like "Three on Thursday" of three things you like.

So cute!
- Keep the same voice in your blog posts (that is, allow your personality to come through) and keep that voice across all social media. If you sometimes tweet about your blog posts or related topics, but sometimes tweet to your friends about last night in the pub, consider having a personal Twitter and a 'business' (blog) Twitter!

Chocolate - without the calories. It's lip balm!
- Engage your readers; ask questions and invite them to tell you something specific in the comments section, and make sure you reply! If you can host competitions or give your readers discounts (e.g. ask a retailer to provide you with a special 10% off code in return for promoting them) then your readers will come back for more.

You can play at being a shop keeper

- Stay connected with other blogs; comment on other people's posts and offer to write guest posts. Enter every blogging competition you can find; even if you don't win, you will find it helps you get on the radar for PRs and other blogs.

Decorative vintage ornaments

Thanks to the Dot Com Gift Shop for inviting me to the event. Pssst, they've got a sale on at the moment!

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