Saturday 5 July 2014

Fried Coconut Prawns


These are so easy to make and really delicious. They remind me of a meal I had at Bubba Gump's in America, which involved prawns cooked four different ways. To make these, all you need is plain flour (which you can add some salt and pepper to), 1 egg, beaten, and bowl of dessicated coconut and breadcrumbs mixed together.

Take each prawn one at a time (you really want to use the large prawns for this) and dip in the flour then the beaten egg then the coconut and breadcrumb mixture.

Deep fry a few prawns at a time in a couple of inches of hot oil in a saucepan, for a few seconds only. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.


Serve with chips, of course - and a sweet chilli/mayonnaise dip wouldn't go amiss either.

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  1. Now that is a fish and chips dinner! The combination of prawns and coconut sounds fab. I am always a bit nervous of deep frying though..... I wonder if they are bakeable ? May have to give it a go!


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