Monday 28 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday 2014 - Week 31

We are finally moving house! We have exchanged on my house and are moving out on August 8. Unfortunately, we hit a bit of a snag with our purchase and still haven't been able to exchange - and even if we can this week, our vendors have said they can't complete before August 29.

We are stuck in the middle and there's nothing we can do  - we are going to have to put all my belongings in storage and stay with my boyfriend's mum for a couple of weeks. Which will be a bit of a challenge in terms of space (and trying to get a cat and a house rabbit to cohabit in peace!) but worth it if we get the house we are trying to buy - but until the snag is sorted out, that is completely up in the air and at this rate we might need to start looking for places to rent!

We have now packed most of my cooking equipment and I am planning ten days' worth of meals to use up as much as I can from the freezer. I probably have at least a month's worth of food in there though!

 spaghetti bolognese for me, meatballs for him with garlic bread

chicken kiev and chips for him, cod and vegetables for me

 something with chicken breast

sausage and mash; vege sausages for me

burger and chips

 lunch: bacon sandwich for him, vege sausage sandwich for me or crumpet pizzas
dinner: out?

lunch beans on toast/macaroni cheese on toast

dinner toad in the hole for him, pork tenderloin fillet and roast potatoes for me

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