Tuesday 3 September 2013

Restaurant Review: Josephine's Filipino Restaurant, Charlotte Street, London

Location: Charlotte Street, London (off Tottenham Court Road)
Description: Small independent Filipino restaurant full of photos of famous people who have dined there
Reason for visit: A friend and I had been to a bloggers event round the corner and this seemed like a good place to have dinner.

stuffed crab

I ate:/my companion ate: We shared the dishes, and ordered stuffed crab - a crab shell filled with sauteed crab meat mixed with spices and topped with "wine and spicy sauce", £10.95; chicken adobo, a traditional Filipino dish with chunks of chicken in a "tangy South Sea sauce", £8.10; steamed vegetables, rice and chips.
The food was: The chicken was nice but neither of us liked the crab; there wasn't much of it and the sauce on top was very overpowering. It's a shame to say the dish I probably liked the most was the chips (which we had ordered as a cheap extra as we weren't sure how large the main courses would be).
The service/atmosphere was: We had a wobbly table and the waitress was very good about trying different things to even it out. To get to the toilets you had to go downstairs past the kitchens; I know space is at a premium but I prefer not to be wandering around in the workings of a restaurant when I want to use the bathroom.

chicken adobo

Price range/value for money: Most dishes were reasonable but the crab was expensive for what it was, I wouldn't really have called that a main course.
Would I recommend it? Not especially, unless you specifically want Filipino food as there aren't many restaurants specialising in that; otherwise there are so many restaurants in this area I would go somewhere else next time.

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