Thursday 19 September 2013

Cheese-stuffed burgers

I bought my boyfriend a burger cookery book and metal ring to shape burgers for his birthday, even though I knew they would effectively be a present for me! I decided to make something from the book recently and chose cheese-stuffed burgers. They were really easy to make and very tasty.

I didn't add anything to the beef mince other than salt and oregano - no onions, and there was no reason to bulk it out with breadcrumbs or bind it with egg. I used the ring to shape the burger and thought it was really useful.

To make the stuffed burgers, you need to make two thin burgers per person as you will later join them together.

 Place some cheese on two of the burgers - I decided to try this with cheddar and feta.

Place the remaining two burgers on top and press down around the edges to seal.

Fry the burgers on both sides. The cheddar started to seep out of the burger a little as it melted but the feta remained intact.

Here you can see the inside of the feta burger. The feta had a stronger taste than the cheddar and didn't really melt at all, whereas the cheddar did melt.

The cheddar-stuffed burger

My boyfriend wanted an additional slice of cheese as well :-)

These were really good; I am looking forward to trying something different from the burger recipe book soon.

I am entering these in Cheese Please, hosted by Fromage Homage, as the ingredient this month is cheddar.


  1. Oooh, lovely. I did the same with some Shropshire Blue in the summer. Keeping the burger together on the BBQ was a challenge but well worth it. All that cheese oozing out - yum! Thanks for another great entry into Cheese, Please!

  2. one of my most favourite food things ever... lovely stuff x

  3. Who wouldn't love a burger stuffed with cheese? Looks fabulous - I'll go for the cheddar one!

  4. I think your boyfriend gets the best of both worlds with this present - he gets great recipes that he doesn't have to cook but he can eat and the rings look very useful


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