Wednesday 11 September 2013

Restaurant Review - The Folly, Gracechurch Street, London

Restaurant name: The Folly
Location: Gracechurch Street, London
Description: City bar and restaurant with quirky decor - there was a pot of basil on our table like you might have a pot plant, there were big trees indoors in pots, a chintzy area, an area with angel wings and fake grass seats, a little deli/takeaway area at the back, and a huge downstairs space.
Reason for visit: Lunch with my boyfriend - it was half way between our offices before he changed jobs recently. I hadn't been there before and thought it looked interesting.

I ate: Maryland buttermilk chicken burger, £9.95 with fries -I chose it because my company's head office is based in Maryland and I love buttermilk fried chicken.
My companion ate: Cheese and bacon burger with fries.
The food was: Nice burger and really good chips, served with a little bowl of rock salt, but the piece of chicken in my burger wasn't very big. The chips were served in a terracotta flower pot which was cute.
The atmosphere/service was: I think the place is pretty busy in the evenings; it was fairly quiet at lunchtime so I was surprised given the number of empty tables that we were crammed into a small space between another couple at the next table and a pillar. We had to do a bit of shuffling and pulling the table out in order to be able to sit down, and then the waitress bumped me every time she walked past. The service itself was good though.

Price range/value for money: Really expensive for what it is. My boyfriend's burger was £8.95, which sounds reasonable, but the cheese and bacon were charged as extras, at £2.55, and the chips were £2.95, making nearly £15 for burger and chips. A burger, fries and drink each plus the 12.5% tip they added came to £40, which seemed a lot for not very much.
Would I recommend it? Not as a place to eat lunch - there are plenty of other options in this area where you get better value for money. I haven't been in the evening but I know people who do really like this as a bar.

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