Sunday 15 September 2013

Cake carriers -a review

Cake tins are all very well but while they are great for storing cakes, they aren't much use for carrying them, unless you're just putting a cake tin straight in the boot of car. And even then, you're limited on the size of the cake, or if you're transporting frosted cupcakes, which can't be stacked on top of each other, you can usually only get half a dozen in a cake tin. I don't know how long 'proper' cake carriers have been around, but to me they are a Godsend. When I transport cakes it is almost always on the train - either into work, or to see my friends or family - and I also have to walk to the station. So I need a cake box with a handle that is easy and comfortable to carry, and will keep my cake or cupcakes upright and safe. I have invested in a few cake carry cases over the past couple of years so thought I would share them with you.

Square Cake Carrier

Description: A square cake carrier with long clips along two of the sides to fasten the lid to the base. Inside there is a removable slatted plastic base that sits on the actual base of the box, to provide a non-slip surface. I sometimes take this out if the cake is already on a cake board.
Dimensions: About 11 inches square and 7 inches high.
I got it from: I think it was from Lakeland, though it was several years ago so I can't remember, and I can't find this exact one on their website. However when I bought it, I remember thinking there weren't many of these around, and Lakeland is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to baking innovations!
Price: I think it cost either £30 or £40 - it did seem a little expensive but as I said, there weren't many places that stocked this kind of thing - now you can find all sorts of cake carry cases online of different prices. I still think what I paid was a bargain given how much use I've gotten out of this.
Advantages: Big enough for a decent sized cake but small enough to fit on my lap when I'm sitting on the train. The non-slip base means the cake doesn't slide around unless you really tip the box. The carrying handle is comfortable and it's easy to carry this and keep the cake flat.
Disadvantages: If you use this for cupcakes there is nothing to stop them from falling over; otherwise I can't fault it.

Three-tier cupcake carrier

Description: A very large three-tier carry case for cupcakes. Each layer has deep muffin-sized holders and takes 12 cupcakes per layer, so 36 in total. You could also remove the cupcake trays and use this to transport a very tall cake.
Dimensions: About 14 inches long, 11 inches wide, 10 inches high.
I got it from: Back in October 2010, I heard about a cafe that was running a bake sale and allowing amateurs to sign up and sell their wares in the cafe. I was raising money to go out to Africa with the Bobby Moore Fund for a school building project, and thought this would be a good way to make some extra cash for the charity. I turned up at the cafe with the above cake box filled with cupcakes, as that was all I could carry on the tube, and spotted a girl with one of these three-tier cupcake carriers (and a couple more boxes besides, that she had roped in one of her friends to carry). I approached her to ask where she had got the three-tier carrier, we hit it off and one thing led to another... and a few months later, Alphabakes was born. Yes folks, the girl in question was Ros of The More Than Occasional Baker, and that's how we met and became friends. I also became good friends with the guy who had helped carry her cakes, but that's another story. Anyway, right after meeting Ros and realising how useful this type of cake carrier would be, I went online to buy one for myself.
Price: £40 - you can now get them for £35 but you still have to pay postage. 
Advantages: A brilliant way to carry cupcakes; they sit separately from each other and the holes are deep enough that they won't fall over. You can carry 36 which is more than enough and it's good having a box of this height if you want to transport a taller cake.
Disadvantages: The box is pretty bulky and when it's full can be very heavy; it's also a bit difficult to manoeuvre on a packed train as it's far too big to go on your lap or under a seat. It also takes up a lot of storage space at home - I've since come across cupcake carry cases that are collapsible. I don't know if they are quite as good and they don't transport as many, but if space at home is at a premium that might be a better idea. The cupcake indentations are so deep it can be a little hard sometimes to remove the cupcakes without smudging the icing.

Small Oblong Cake Carry Case

 Description: A small oblong carry case with a simple plastic base and see-through lid.
Dimensions: 12 inches long, 5 inches wide, 6 inches high
I got it from: it was a gift from my boyfriend's mum; I don't know where she got it from
Price: Don't know
Advantages: It's small and so easy to store and easy to carry. It's big enough for about eight cupcakes or a loaf-tin cake.
Disadvantages: If you use it for cupcakes there's nothing to stop them sliding around or tipping over. The small size also plays against it in that it's actually harder to keep this flat when you are walking along.

Large Oblong Cupcake Carry Case

Description: A large oblong cupcake carry case with a removable reversable base, which has slightly raised edges to keep cupcakes in place. One side is marked out for 12 large cupcakes, the other side for 24 small cupcakes. You can also remove this and use it for a loaf-tin cake or any shape other than a round cake which would not fit.
Dimensions: 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, 4 inches high
I got it from: Asda Direct
Price: £6 plus postage - a real bargain
Advantages: It's a good in-between size, if the small oblong carrier is too small but you don't want to use the huge three-tier carrier.
Disadvantages: The length of the handle actually makes it harder to carry this flat when you are walking along - a shorter handle means you can only grip it in one place but a longer handle makes it easier to hold slightly off centre and the whole thing will tip. The raised edges that mark out each cupcake position are not high enough to actually hold the cupcakes in place or stop them falling over.

Individual Cupcake Holders

Description: A thick plastic case that clips together to hold one cupcake. It's a great way to take a cupcake into work or school for your lunch.
Dimensions: 3 inch diameter, 3 inches high
I got it from: Ebay
Price: £3.99 I think
Advantages: The perfect way to transport an individual cupcake; I like the colours they come in as well (I bought pink and purple). They are also easy to wash.
Disadvantages: They are big enough for quite large cupcakes so if you had a slightly smaller cake, it might move around inside the container and the icing could be spoiled - but generally these are very handy.

I'll update this post if I buy any more cake carriers - in the meantime, if you have one that you think is great, why not let everyone know?


  1. i like the single cupcake holders-cool!.

  2. Thanks for this, I did not know individual ones existed, definitely something to look for on ebay!

  3. is the big square cake carrier for sale? if so whats the price?

    1. The first one, or the three-tiered one? I think the first one was from Lakeland and looking at their website I think this one might be your best bet:
      As for the larger one, try here


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