Saturday 14 September 2013

Restaurant Review - Byron

Restaurant name: Byron
Location: Old Brompton Road, London
Description: Gourmet burger chain
Reason for visit: Dinner before going to the nearby Science Museum Lates one evening after work
I ate: One of their specials - I can't remember the name but it consisted of two 3oz burgers with double cheese, onions, burger sauce and in a potato bun, with fries. I also had a coke float - coke with a scoop of ice cream, which really takes me back to my childhood.
My companion ate: 6oz hamburger with American cheese and fries

The food was: Really tasty. I found my burger very filling and couldn't finish it; I thought that was because it was a double burger so was surprised when the waitress said it was two 3oz patties and their standard burger is one 6oz patty so exactly the same amount of meat! The potato bread bun tasted quite similar to normal bread but did start to fall apart while I was eating it.
The atmosphere/service was: Good, it's a nice casual chain and always a pleasure to visit
Price range/value for money: Good - a classic burger is £6.95 and a cheeseburger is £7.95. Fries are £2.95.
Would I recommend it? Yes, I've been here several times, they do a really good burger, there aren't too many choices or strange flavours on the menu so it's easy to choose and good for a quick meal before a show or when you haven't got a lot of time but want to sit down somewhere nice.

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