Monday 2 September 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 36

I ended up changing my menu a little last week so there are a few things I didn't make, which I've put on the meal plan for this week. I lost the pound last week that I had put on the week before which was good - though I'm on holiday next week so the diet will go out the window!

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Chicken risotto
Dinner My choir rehearsals start again tonight so I'll take a sandwich and probably have some toast when I get home; the other half will go to his mum's.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner  crabcakes with sweet chilli sauce for me, (The no-waste meal planner p.34) chicken kievs for the Other Half

Breakfast cereal
Lunch leftover crab cakes with noodles
Dinner I've got a work night out to welcome new joiners (which I have to attend as I'm on the organising committee); the OH will go to his mum's as she goes on holiday tomorrow

Thursday I'm working from home today so will have a bit more time to cook
Breakfast boiled egg and toast
Lunch pasta
Dinner  slow cooked beef I planned for Sunday but didn't make (we ordered a pizza in the end!)

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Thai green curry with the leftover beef

Brunch/lunch  probably a sandwich as I am then going to a birthday party - not sure what time I will be back
Dinner maybe takeaway depending on when I am back

Breakfast cereal
Lunch stuffed jacket potatoes
Dinner Steak with macaroni cheese and bordelaise sauce from Galvin Cookbook de Luxe p.168

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  1. I like him being refered to as "the other half" !


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