Thursday 15 August 2013

Roast Chicken Stuffed with Garlic Mashed Potato

I saw this recipe for roast chicken stuffed with garlic mashed potato in the Mail on Sunday's You Magazine a long time ago, and it has resided in my box of magazine cuttings ever since - mainly because I love roast chicken cooked the traditional way, and doing anything else to it seemed sacrilege! But I finally decided to make this and was pleased with the outcome - though next time I will probably go back to roasting my chicken plain and simple.

Peel and boil potatoes, then mash them.

Mix in some creme fraiche and crushed garlic

Stuff the mashed potato inside the cavity of the chicken

Roast in the oven - calculate the cooking time based on the weight of the bird and the mashed potato together

When the chicken is cooked, carve and allow the mashed potato to be exposed - then scoop out with a spoon. This was very tasty but I missed my roast potatoes!


  1. oh my god this is like Sunday roast heaven... what a brilliant idea, I can only imagine how fabulous this tastes! Thanks for sharing x

  2. right up my street----I love chicken,garlic and mash.


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