Monday 5 August 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 32

I weighed in on Wednesday last week as I was away at the weekend, and lost half a pound, which was good as it had only been three and a half days since my last weigh in. But I had a bit of a blow out at the weekend so will probably have put it back on by next Saturday!

Breakfast bagel
Lunch sushi
Dinner pasta

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch fish in breadcrumbs in tortilla wrap
Dinner out with my boyfriend - hopefully at Shake Shack if the queues aren't too long

Breakfast cereal
Lunch fish in breadcrumbs in tortilla wrap
Dinner Jamie Oliver's Swedish-style fishcakes and roasted baby new potatoes - Jamie's 30 Minute Meals p.148

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch out with my boyfriend
Dinner After work drinks, so will want something quick when I get home (or may eat out depending on how late I stay in the pub) - possibly leftover fishcakes

Breakfast cereal
Lunch baked sweet potato with Slimming World coronation chicken from the Little Book of Lunches p.57
Dinner pork chop and crushed potatoes from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals p. 240

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch tuna melt bagel
Dinner  Spanish paella from this recipe, apple crumble

Breakfast cereal
Lunch out with my boyfriend? TBA. He wants to spend most of this weekend at his house as from next weekend.... he will be living with me! Or leftover paella if we don't go out
Dinner Depends what we do for lunch - possibly roast lamb leg steak with mint sauce followed by
ginger peach crisp.
I'm also planning to make my Random Recipe today and also a macaroni and broccoli bake for lunches next week.

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