Friday 2 August 2013

Restaurant Review: Burger & Lobster

Restaurant name: Burger & Lobster
Location: St Paul's, London
Description: There are only two things on offer at this restaurant: burger and lobster. Actually there are slightly more than that but they are all variations on a theme. You can have a burger or cheeseburger, and a steamed lobster, grilled lobster or a lobster roll. Everything is priced at a round £20 and comes with fries and a small salad. It's that straightforward that there isn't even a menu.
Reason for visit: To celebrate my boyfriend getting a new job - and because I love lobster and wanted to go to this place since I heard it was opening.

I ate: steamed lobster with fries
My companion ate: Cheeseburger with bacon and fries
The food was: I haven't eaten lobster enough to know when it is especially good but I really enjoyed the meal. My boyfriend said the burger was very good but not really worth £20.
The atmosphere/service was: The tables were very close together and we felt a bit cramped, though the service was good. I had booked a table, having heard tales of long queues and I'm glad I did as there were a lot of people waiting when we left (there are four branches and some only take reservations for large groups but the City branch reserves tables of two). Because the restaurant doesn't have to cook many different dishes, there is very little waiting time and we went from being seated to paying the bill in just 45 minutes - which is good if you haven't got much time but it left us wondering what to do with the rest of the evening!

Price range/value for money: I think the pricing structure is a little odd, as £20 is quite good value for lobster - almost every single person in the restaurant was eating it - and a lot for a burger. The cocktails aren't cheap either, but I'm glad we tried it.
Would I recommend it: Yes, it's definitely worth going to try the lobster, but that's not the sort of thing I eat very often and it's not worth going there just for the burger, so I'm not sure whether I will go back.

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