Monday 19 August 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 34

This is the first week my boyfriend and I are living together which is exciting! I won't bother planning his breakfasts and lunches, as the reason I do this is because I'm following Slimming World, and my boyfriend can eat whatever he wants. Also, his packed lunches for work tend to be pretty similar most days! I lost a pound and a half at Slimming World on Saturday, which I was really pleased about, but I'm not sure it will last - as the first thing I made for my boyfriend was an Oreo cheesecake!

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch Out to lunch with work colleagues
Dinner Wagyu beef burgers - I had planned this for Saturday but in the end my boyfriend decided not to move in until the Sunday.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner My boyfriend is out with friends so I'll have a vegetarian pasta dish he won't like - Slimming World macaroni and broccoli bake.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch  sandwich
Dinner I'm out with work colleagues so I'll send my boyfriend to his mum's! I'll have the rest of my leftover macaroni and broccoli bake before I go out

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich or baked potato
Dinner Spaghetti and meatballs. Slimming World chocolate mousse for the other half; lime and mango mousse for me

Breakfast cereal
Lunch leftover spaghetti
Dinner out for dinner and cinema? Or chicken kiev and mashed potato

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch hotdogs
Dinner gammon steaks with berrichonne potatoes - from Potato Cookbook p131; fresh orange curd pudding - James Martin Desserts p.60

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Pub lunch after llama trekking!
Dinner Homemade pizza

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  1. Ohh exciting times for you & your boyfriend!!
    Everything sounds fab x


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