Friday 23 August 2013

Restaurant Review - The Vineyard, Islington, London

Restaurant name: The Vineyard
Location: Islington, London
Description: Pub with large outdoor space at the top end of Upper Street - a refreshing change from some of the try-hard trendy bars in the area
Reason for visit: Lunch after taking a cake pops course at the Make Lounge
I ate: Old School Fish Finger Sandwich, £6.25 and Mango Sherbet, £3.25 - a "mocktail" of mango puree with sparkling soda water.
The food was: Simple but really good - nice thick doorstep sandwiches with homemade fish fingers.
The service/atmosphere was: Friendly service, and I was quite happy sitting by myself eating lunch
Price range/value for money: Not bad, there were smaller dishes such as this one at lower prices and then main courses at the sort of price you would expect
Would I recommend it? Yes- I've also been here for drinks in the evening and it's a nice pub, with a relaxed atmosphere.

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