Friday 14 June 2013

Slimming World-style Harissa Lamb with Potatoes Boulangere

I made this a little while ago and can no longer find the recipe so I'm still blogging it partly as a reminder to myself! It's a fairly simple and tasty recipe and a good way to serve lamb if you are fed up with mint sauce (though I never get fed up with mint sauce!).

For the lamb you need harissa paste - I used ready made though if you are ambitious I imagine you could make your own - fat free Greek yogurt, and the juice and zest of a lemon.

Mix all of the above - you only need about 1 tsp of the harissa paste and about 3 tbsp of yogurt to serve two.

Spread the mixture over lamb chops and leave to marinade for a few hours or ideally overnight. Then bake in the oven.

To make the potatoes boulangere, thinly slice the potatoes using a mandolin or potato peeler.

Layer in an ovenproof dish with a sliced red onion

Pour over a pint of vegetable stock and bake in the oven for about an hour. Recipes like this often use cream but this is a healthy low fat version and just as tasty.

When the lamb is cooked you still have a nice layer of the harissa yogurt mixture on top.

I served the lamb with the potatoes and some vegetables; it's a nice dinner recipe that I would do again.

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  1. looks so warming and hearty... perfect for these horrid summer nights!... funny that!


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