Monday 17 June 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 25

I stayed the same weight last week which was annoying as I tried really hard - and my scales at home showed a decent loss, but when I got to Slimming World their scales showed I weighed the same as the week before! So I have to try hard again this week to make sure the loss that I know I've achieved shows up. I think I will treat myself to something a bit more calorific this weekend though as it will be the first time in ages I've been able to spend some proper time with my boyfriend, as he hasn't been well for several weeks.

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch Baked sweet potato with bacon and quark
Dinner Going to a film screening of a documentary made by young people at the youth club where I volunteer, straight from work. Not sure what time it will finish so I'd better take a sandwich and some low-syn snacks.

Breakfast Yogurt
Lunch sandwich - chicken and cranberry
Dinner Going to see my boyfriend who is recovering from his second kidney stone operation in the space of two weeks... will be easiest if I take something to eat. Teriyaki salmon with couscous is quick, easy and low-syn.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich - soft cheese and mango chutney
Dinner Sausages with sweet potato cakes

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich - ham and cheese
Dinner  Depending on how my boyfriend feels, we might go to the cinema and eat out; if I'm cooking (either at his house or mine) I'll make a low-fat chicken curry.

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Slow cooker honey and ginger chicken from this recipe

Breakfast cereal
Lunch Potato ham and tortilla based on this Slimming World recipe
Dinner Not sure what I'm doing yet this weekend as it will depend how well my boyfriend feels. I'm hoping he'll be able to come over to my house for dinner though I may end up having to go to his again. (I have my own place, he doesn't). I could make a variation on my tried and tested chicken and boursin recipe perhaps though I am also tempted to cook a roast chicken. I think he deserves a dessert after the few weeks he has been through as well, but it depends whether I am taking it to eat at his house - I might make a classic chocolate mousse or if we are at my house try out my new waffle maker.

Brunch  If my boyfriend is at my house I'll make Findus-style crispy pancakes - which I had on the meal plan last week but had to cancel. If I'm at his house they usually have bacon or sausage sandwiches so I could take some low-syn Quorn sausages.
Dinner steak and homemade potato wedges

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