Wednesday 19 June 2013

Restaurant review: Victoria Inn, Peckham Rye

Restaurant name: The Victoria Inn
Location: Peckham Rye, London

Description: Unpretentious gastro-pub that is dog friendly and good for vegetarians/vegans.
Reason for visit: Meeting friends, one of whom lives in the area.

I ate: trout with red onion, fennel and butternut squash with a side of chunky chips
My companion(s) ate: burger and chips (no, I wasn't with my boyfriend, even though some of you may have noticed by now this is his regular order!); vegetarian cottage pie that I think involved butternut squash as well as other vegetables.

The food was: excellent. My trout was beautifully cooked and the bed of red onion, fennel and butternut squash was delicious - the sort of thing you'd find in an upmarket restaurant. The chunky chips were more like small potato wedges and a bit too crispy for my liking but at least they were interesting. My vegan friend enjoyed her cottage pie which was attractively presented in a round dish, and I didn't see much of the burger but gather it was good.
The atmosphere/service was: The pub came across as a local pub for all ages; it wasn't noisy though it was busy. We'd brought a dog with us who was made very welcome and the service was fine.
Price/value for money: Excellent. You can get cheaper pub meals but I doubt of this quality - my trout on its bed of posh vegetables was £12.50, which you would pay twice as much for in a restaurant in central London.
Would I recommend it: Definitely. I don't know the area at all so can't comment on what other restaurants and pubs are like, but this was a nice place with excellent food.

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  1. great review... I think i've eaten there myself and quite enjoyed the food!


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